Californication Part II

Five late-night talk shows down, one to go. Well, two if Arsenio’s new show stays are the air long enough.

I’m going to be honest with you: seeing three shows in three days is exhausting. It’s not just all the required clapping and laughing before and during the shows themselves, it’s also all the standing in line and waiting outside in 90 degree weather for hours before you even get to sit down and do all the clapping and laughing. I know, I know, first world problems. I hear ya. I’ll shut up now.

Today would be the perfect day to see Jimmy Kimmel Live. Instead, I’m going back to see Conan a second time. “But Ben,” you think to yourself as you sip on your coffee or tea at work, “why the @#$%^! are you doing that you @#$%^!?” Well, it’s mostly because my IQ is a few points north of zero and winter is coming. I should have gotten tickets to Kimmel, but for some reason I wasn’t thinking straight. It’s ok though, I love Conan, and I have the opportunity to see him again, so I’m going back.

After that, though, I’m done for a while. Promise.

– Ben

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