Howdy. Yesterday was Labor Day here in the still-nowhere-near United States. All the late-night hosts were off spending time with (I assume) their families with the notable exception of Craig Ferguson. He and the rest of the good people at the Late Late Show kicked off the beginning of their tenth season with a new episode.

Now, since this is Tuesday, the above paragraph would normally be followed by a review of the show. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do that today. You see, I was in the audience for yesterday’s show. Yes, I was. I saw it live from the third row. So my write up is going to take a little bit longer to make it on the interwebz because it’s going to be part of a bigger post about my overall experience.

“But Ben,” you’re thinking because I’m not actually there next to you, “why don’t you just do it now instead of babbling about doing it later?” Well, the answer is that I have to get ready to see Conan in a few hours! That’s right. I didn’t come all the way out to California to see just one late-night talk show. I came all the way out to California to see at least TWO late-night talk shows.

So, I need to get going and hang out in traffic for a few hours with ten thousand other people. I will write everything up in one reasonably exciting post as soon as I can. Meanwhile, go watch last night’s Late Late Show and see if you can find me. It shouldn’t be too hard. Then, watch tonight’s Conan and try again. I’ll be the guy in the row.

– Ben

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