Late Show Highlights

I really love the fact that the Late Show with David Letterman is doing Vine summaries of their shows. It’s the only area where Letterman has a unique internet presence: (Vines run muted by default, mouse over the video and click the icon in the upper-left corner for sound.)

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

Hey, last night, did you see the full moon? No you didn’t, it was blacked out by Time Warner.

You know the 1972 undefeated champion Miami Dolphins? Never got to go to the White House the way winning Super Bowl teams get to go to the White House. Well, 1972-1973, the White House and Richard Nixon were embroiled in the Watergate scandal, so he said, “Ok, no parties.” He called off all the parties. Well, finally, earlier this week, the 1972 Miami Dolphins got to go to the White House. After waiting forty-one years this injustice has finally be corrected. Nothing new on Native Americans, but this injustice has finally been corrected.

You know about the Double Stuf Oreos? Somebody got ahold of a thing and measured them, and it turns out the “double stuf” in the Double Stuf Oreo is not twice the amount of “stuf” as in the regular Oreo. I tell you something right now: we wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was President.

The comedy segments were tips for surviving your freshman year in college, an update from Edward Snowden and the Top Ten Other TLC Specials. Each one had a humorous moment or two, but even if I could magically combine them into one bit, it still wouldn’t be entertaining enough to recommend checking out.

Tina Fey was the only couch guest. She is currently creating ideas for new television shows. The interview was great. Tina was delightful, and her wit was as funny, dark, edgy and self-deprecating as ever. She was easily the highlight of the entire show in my opinion. The interview is long, but I think it’s worth watching:

Valerie June was the musical guest. She gave a fine performance.

Despite Tina, this was a mediocre show overall. I give it:


– Woody

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