Late Late Show Highlights

The cold open from last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was amusing:

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

It’s a great day for America’s First Family. I am, of course, referring to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Over the weekend they had a baby girl, or, as they like to call it, “a spin off.”

It’s a great day if you want to live forever. Over the weekend in New York City they hosted the Global Future 2045 Congress. It’s a meeting of scientist who say if technology continues the way it’s going, it is possible, by the year 2045, we can all be immortal. It involves putting your brain into a robot. Now, personally, I wouldn’t put any part of my body into a robot…ever again.

Why do we need a conference just to figure out how to live forever? Can’t we just ask Larry King?

Scientist say the key to immortality is preserving the brain. And I’m thinking it’s just my luck that the one part of my body I need to preserve is the one part I spent my youth actively destroying.

The comedy segment was Tweetmail. It was pretty goofy, which means you might want to check it out:

Carson Kressley was the first couch guest. He is a fashion expert, tv personality and author. The interview was fine. Carson was his usual friendly and outgoing self. He and Craig are close, so they had a lot of fun chatting, yet it made me feel like a third wheel. Craig’s interviews are very casual, but this one was too casual for me. I don’t need a lot of substance to keep my attention, but I needed more than these two felt like providing.

Rachelle Lefevre was the second couch guest. He stars on the show Under the Dome. The interview was great. Rachelle was very friendly, had a great sense of humor and told some interesting stories. Honestly, Craig and Rachelle were so in synch and enjoyable to watch that I just wanted the two of them to keep talking and never stop. Here’s the interview:

The closing segment super quick. If you want to watch it it’s at the end of the Rachelle Lefevre interview.

Good show. I give it:


– Woody

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