D, B And The Car Episode 6: Jason Lives

Monday, 05/13/13

7:00 AM CT

The phone alarm goes off. We weigh the pros and cons of waking up versus sleeping for another hour. Sleeping wins.

8:00 AM CT

Ok, we’re up. Happy Monday:


8:45 AM CT

Dave and I have our last McDonald’s breakfast together. Dave is indifferent. I am sad.

We get on the interstate and head towards Indianapolis.

10:01 AM CT

We almost take the exit for the World’s Largest Wind Chime. Almost.

11:23 AM ET

We cross the border into Indiana. We lose another hour, but we’re happy that the speed limit increases from 65 to 70. We both want to get back to our respective homes.

11:33 AM CT

I mention to Dave that his bumper is buggy, just like the code he writes:



I’m not allowed back in the car until I apologize and tell him his code is great.

12:21 PM ET

We reach Indianapolis. The nice thing about Indianapolis is that we can now see signs for Columbus.

1:00 PM ET

Hey, how about a flashback to Thursday night in Arizona after a few margaritas:


None of my companions are surprised by my antics, but the woman behind me is both aghast and appalled.

1:35 PM ET

Dave and I return to the reasonably fine state of Ohio.

3:00 PM ET

Dave slows the car down enough to kick me out in front of my house before finding a parking space:


3:10 PM ET

Ten days ago, when we began this journey, Dave’s new car only had around 1,300 hundred miles on it:


3:25 PM ET

Dave is on his way back home. The adventure is over. Was it good? Yes. Was it worth doing? Definitely. Would I recommend this or a similar cross-country road trip to others? Absolutely.

Thanks for reading.

– Ben

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