D, B And The Car Episode 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Saturday, 05/11/13

7:35 AM PT

It’s a gorgeous 80 degree morning. Dave and I are almost ready to get back in the car and start the trek home. But first, we make one more pilgrimage to the Devil’s Diner for breakfast:


If you’re ever in Tempe, and want some breakfast, I recommend coming here.

7:56 AM PT

We’re fueled up and on the road. It’s time to leave Phoenix.

8:28 AM PT

Despite non-stop high-speed driving we are still in the process of leaving Phoenix. Either this city is larger than we thought or the road we’re on is just one big circle.

9:21 AM PT

Let’s give a big hand one last time to Arizona mountains:


10:15 AM PT

We’re driving through Flagstaff in honor of my father. This is one of his favorite places. He hopes to retire here someday.

11:28 AM PT

We make a pit stop with the goal of experiencing the finest Americana that Arizona has to offer.


It’s closed.

12:31 PM PT

On our third attempt we finally find a place that’s open:


2:25 PM MT

New Mexico welcomes us back and asks if we brought it anything. We return the hour we borrowed when we hit Arizona.

3:20 PM MT

We are in Gallup, NM. You are witnessing an historic event. Dave is about to consume his first ever meal at a Sizzler. He is crossing another milestone on his journey to becoming a man:


6:02 PM MT

As we hang a left and head North we pass by a very rainy Albuquerque:


7:02 PM MT

And now, ladies and gentlemen, New Mexico proudly presents a rainbow:


7:43 PM MT

This state has its very own Las Vegas:


Sadly, there’s only one hotel, and it’s not flashy at all. I’m guessing it doesn’t have any slot machines either.

8:54 PM MT

Northern New Mexico is kinda bleak when the sun goes down. There’s no civilization out here, just us and the darkness. Here’s me driving:


And here’s what I’m looking at:


9:32 PM MT

The mile marker tells us we’ve gone one mile. We’re hoping it refers to the first mile in Colorado. It’s so dark out here that we never saw an official sign welcoming us. So, it’s entirely possible we’ve turned around and are now heading South through New Mexico and are on our way to Brazil.

11:45 PM MT

After close to fifteen hours of driving we finally reach Colorado Springs. We’re exhausted. It’s time to call it a day.

Tomorrow: D, B and the Car Episode 5: Assignment Miami Beach

– Ben

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