D, B And The Car Episode 3: The Search for Spock

Monday, 05/06/2013

7:07 AM MT


We are once again back on the interstate. It is overcast and raining as soon as we get on the interstate. Who’s idea was it to do this road trip? That person should be beaten.

We scan the area for locations used in the filming of Breaking Bad. We also keep and eye out for little blue rock souvenirs. So far we have found neither.

8:12 AM MT

Dave is fascinated by the plethora of black rock. He explains that this rock is a sign of volcanic activity, and that volcanoes once roamed the land. I suggest that maybe the rocks just got really good tans, you know, with all the sunshine and stuff. With a frustrated sigh, Dave says that he’s through trying to educate me. Now he finally understand how my wife feels.

8:30 AM PT

We reach the boarder of our destination state, known to the locals as “Arizona.” I’m not kidding when I tell you that as we cross the invisible state line it completely stops raining. Spooky.

I never shy away from being openly annoyed with Arizona for not recognizing Daylight Saving Time. I consider it state-level immaturity. However, today, and today only, I appreciate their apathy because it gives us an extra hour that we shouldn’t have and don’t deserve.

9:35 AM PT

Dinosaurs, because, why not:


10:18 AM PT

We are currently taking up space on Route 66. We are getting our kicks. I’m fiercely sure no one has made that joke before.

10:45 AM PT

Arizona State Route 377 is killing us softly with boredom. It is a wasteland of ugliness and despair. If this is what our last 175 miles will be like then we may be forced to crash Dave’s car for excitement.

11:18 AM PT

Things are looking up. We have entered the Coconino National Forest. I know it’s only trees, but compared to the previous thirty miles this place is frickin’ paradise:



11:55 AM PT

We are 7,000 feet above sea level. I fiercely believe that I can see South America from here.

12:28 PM PT

We are now in the Tonto National Forest. Dave winds his way through the mountains. His car responds accordingly. I take pictures:



1:27 PM PT

Dave and I arrive at our final destination: Tempe, Arizona. It has been a good journey, but also a very long journey. We look forward to spending a few days outside of the car.

Next week we return from whence we came, in, what I’m calling: D, B and the Car Episode 4: The Return of Michael Myers

– Ben

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