Late Late Show Highlights

The cold open from last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was amusing:

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

It’s cold here in LA. I mean, look at my nipples, I’m not even excited. It broke records last night. It was so cold in LA Charlie Sheen filled his bed with porn stars just to stay warm. It was so cold in LA Matthew McConaughey was wearing a shirt.

Today’s the first day of the Detroit Auto Show. Don’t worry if you’re not in Detroit this week, the auto show lasts two weeks, which is about the same length as a Jodie Foster acceptance speech.

The big news at this year’s Detroit Auto Show is the new Corvette Stingray. Very exciting. There’s new technology in this Corvette. It runs entirely on your dream of having a bigger penis. I look forward to your letters.

They also give out awards at the Detroit Auto Show. The prize for the 2013 Light Truck of the Year went to, and this was a big shocker, Daniel Day Lewis. He’s winning everything this year.

The comedy segment was tweetmail. It was entertaining enough to recommend:

Jenna Elfman was the first couch guest. She is one of the stars on the show 1600 Penn. The interview was good. Jenna was pleasant and good-humored. The conversation was light and decently comical. Is the interview worth watching? Meh. If you’re a Jenna fan then it is, if you’re a Craig fan then it kinda is, and if you’re neither you can skip it:

Guillermo del Toro was the second couch guest. He is the executive producer for the new film Mama. The interview was great. Guillermo was cool, witty and told some interesting stories. He and Craig had an engaging time together that was fun to watch. I wish I could post the whole segment, but it’s not available. I do have the middle, however:

The closing segment was fine, but not worth watching.

Enjoyable show. I give it:

– Woody

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