Late Night Highlights

Hurricane Sandy couldn’t stop Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from doing a show last night. It did, however, stop them from having an audience. Lemme tell you, seeing the show performed without a group of people laughing, yelling and clapping was both totally weird and totally entertaining. I can only imagine what it was like for Fallon. Here’s the cold open and monologue. They’re worth watching:

The comedy segment was Mets Bucket Hat Guy. It was humorous enough to recommend:

Seth Meyers was the first couch guest. He is the head writer on Saturday Night Live. The interview was very good. Whenever I watch Seth I always find him to be hilarious and charismatic. Last night was no exception. He’s a totally enjoyable guy. Here’s the interview:

Padma Lakshmi was the second couch guest. She is the host of Top Chief. The interview was good. Padma was pleasant, enthusiastic and told some amusing stories. Her’s most of the interview:

Robert Zemeckis was the third couch guest. He directs the new movie Flight. The interview was great. Other than the movies he has directed I honestly didn’t know anything about Robert before this interview. I was happily surprised to discover that he’s very friendly and extremely good-natured. I don’t normally like watching Fallon gush and geek out over a guest, but this time I actually agreed with and appreciated it. The only bad thing about the segment was that it wasn’t nearly long enough. I would have been fine if they had spent a lot more time together. Here’s the interview:

Imagine Dragons was the musical guest. They did a really nice job.

Terrific show. Extra bonus points awarded to Late Night for putting on a show during severe weather conditions. I give it:

– Woody

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