Tonight Show Highlights

Monday was Memorial Day here in the US, so all the late-night shows were in reruns. So, in honor of his 20th anniversary with NBC, let’s take a look at Friday night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

Congratulations once again to Phillip Phillips, you know he won American Idol. It’s hard to believe, not that long ago he was working behind the counter at his dad’s pawn shop, and now he’s the American Idol. In fact, his dad has already hired a new employee to replace him: Taylor Hicks.

Mitt Romney pledged this week if elected president he will drive down unemployment to six percent or lower before the end of his first term. Well it’s easy enough to do; all he has to do is re-hire all the people he already fired.

According to a new report, members of the DEA are now under investigation for hiring prostitutes in Columbia. They could be in big trouble, cause as you know it’s a felony to impersonate a Secret Service agent.

Today is our anniversary. Twenty years ago today we did our very first show. In that time we’ve seen a lot of stars come and go from the program, including me.

Four tons of marijuana were found floating in the ocean off the coast of California. And you thought it was hard finding parking at the beach before.

Despite making over a million dollars, Levi Johnston, remember him, Sarah Palin’s deadbeat son-in-law, remember that moron, well he spent the whole million dollars and had to move back in with his mother. I don’t know what he spent the money on, but I think we can rule out condoms.

The desk segment was Oakwood’s Blockbusters. It was absolutely hilarious and the best desk segment I’ve even seen during Leno’s tenure on the Tonight Show. I’m really annoyed that NBC broke the segment up into so many clips. It was completely unnecessary. Still, it’s worth watching them all:

Colin Powell was the first couch guest. He is a retired four-star general in the United States Army and former US Secretary of State. The interview was very good. I really enjoy listening to the opinions and stories of fascinating people who have led interesting lives, and Colin definitely fits that profile. Here the second-half of the interview:

Greg Gadson was the second couch guest. He is a colonel in the United States Army and also has a role in the film Battleship. The interview was terrific, and I wish it had been longer. I’d imagine that sitting between Leno and Powell would be intimidating, but Greg made it look easy. Compared to some of the things he’s been through, it probably was. Here’s the interview:

The All-American Rejects was the musical guest. They were great.

This was a really solid show and a terrific way to celebrate 20 years. I give it:

– Woody

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