Late Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Show with David Letterman:

Tax time. So I go to my accountant. You’ve got to have a good account. I walk in and he says, “You weren’t tailed were you?” I said, “Look, just show me the books.” And the guy said, “Which set?” This is the guarantee he made to me: in the event that I am audited, he will make conjugal visits. And then I signed my tax returns and I got to select a toy off the top shelf. That’s a true story.

You know when I say “Rod Blagojevich,” you know what I’m talking about? Former Governor of Illinois. It’s interesting, if you want to be Governor of Illinois of course you gotta run, you have to be in a campaign, you gotta get elected and then you have go to federal prison. It’s just part of their political tradition. Rod Blagojevich is in a federal penitentiary in Colorado. Here’s what he did today. Not too bright, he hid under the covers in his bunk and the dummy escaped.

The desk segments included Top Ten Questions People Rarely Ask Car Salesmen:


Debra Messing was the first couch guest. She is on the show Smash. The interview was good, but not great. I think it lacked excitement. They topics they chose to discuss had potential, but neither Dave nor Debra made much of an effort to run with them. Take, for example, this clip where Debra talks about other people pretending to be her on Twitter. She could have talked about it from many angles, such as why she wasn’t on Twitter before now, how being impersonated made her feel, etc., but instead she just told the story straight through to its boring conclusion:


Josh Hutcherson was the second couch guest. He is in the new film The Hunger Games. The interview was entertaining. Taylor was pretty cool, funny and did a nice job, for a nineteen year-old, talking with Letterman. At the same time Dave took an immediate liking to him, which made the whole segment a lot more pleasant. Here’s a clip:


Oberhofer was the musical guest. There were ok.

Fine show. I give it:

– Woody

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