Late Late Show Highlights

The pre-opening credit segment from last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was reasonably lame, so we’re going to move away from it slowly.

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

It’s a great day for America’s favorite plastic doll: Ryan Seacrest. No, the original Barbie debuted this day 1959. The original Barbie is now worth ten thousand dollars. Know what that means? I have got eighty grand on my nightstand.

I’m very excited today because today and tomorrow in New York City is the event I look forward to all year: the Westminster Dog Show. There are plenty of dog shows, of course, but Westminster is the big one. It’s the Oscars of dog shows. Westminster and the Oscars are very different, of course. One’s nothing but yapping and butt sniffing, and the other one is the dog show.

One animal competition I do endorse is called Ferret Legging. I’m not making this up. The English coalminers used to do it. It was a test of endurance to see who could keep a ferret down their pants the longest. Which proves I am not a pervert, I am an athlete.

The desk segment was tweetmail. It was silly, but not very entertaining.

Carol Burnett was the first couch guest. She lends her voice to the new film The Secret World of Arrietty. The interview was fine, but not really that interesting. Carol told a long and relatively humorous story that took place thirty or forty years ago. That’s nice, but I wish she had discussed what she’s up to now. She’s an icon, so I doubt she’s sitting at home. And even if she is, I’m sure she’s keeping busy. To me that would have been more interesting.

Phil Keoghan was the second couch guest. He is the host of The Amazing Race. The interview was quick, but very good. Phil was funny, interesting and was really in synch with Craig. The whole interview is worth watching:


The closing segment was quick and can be skipped.

An ok show. I give it:

– Woody

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