Woody After Hours Volume 1 Now On Sale!

Paul and I are pleased to announce that Woody After Hours Volume 1: Live From Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina is now available for purchase.

What’s inside? Good question. I’m not really sure. Lemme look. Ok, here’s what it appears to contain:

  • The first 247 Woody After Hours comic strips, in color and numerical order
  • Commentary on 17 of those strips
  • Woody’s never-before-seen tribute to Michael Jackson video on Yootube
  • An original three-page Timmy comic: The Jewel of the Aisle
  • Our eternal gratitude for six months

And just like in the matrix you have a choice. You can:

Option 1: Go to Amazon for $19.99 + shipping.

Option 2: Buy it from us for $25, which includes shipping in the US, a personalized thank you and an original sketch of the WAH character of your choice. (Please add $1 for shipping to Canada or $3 for international shipping.)

WAH Character


Since you asked, my personal opinion is that option 2 is definitely the way to go. But be warned that we expect as many as eight people might buy this book, so please allow a few extra days for us to ship it to you.

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