Conan Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Conan:

Former president George W. Bush is going to give his first interview about the killing of Osama bin Laden next month on cable TV. It’s expected to be the highest-rated episode of Cake Boss ever.

Yesterday at a fund-raising dinner in Virginia Mitt Romney said one of the people he would consider as his running mate is 300 pound New Jersey governor Chris Christie. After hearing about it Christie said, “That’s great, but tell me more about the dinner.”

Congressman David Wu has resigned after being accused of what are being called “unwanted sexual advances.” Or, as it was called in my high school, the “Conan.”

It’s being reported that a Sex and the City prequel is in the works, that follows the ladies when they were in their teens and 20’s. Yeah, fans say it will be fun to see what New York was like when it was still owned by the Dutch.

The desk segment was Conan’s Video Blog. It was pretty lame.

Kevin Connolly was the first couch guest. He’s one of the stars on the show Entourage. The interview was pretty decent. Kevin was fun and had a good rapport with Conan. Here’s the interview:

Jeff Lewis was the second couch guest. He’s the host of the show Flipping Out. This guy is either a terrific actor playing a character who is always “on,” or a terrific real life jerk who I both admire and dislike. Either way, it was a great interview to watch. I recommend checking it out:

Funeral Party was the musical guest. They were entertaining.

Good show. I want to give it a half a Woody more, but I just can’t. So:

– Woody

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