Late Night Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

The City of London has fined President Obama for the traffic he caused while visiting back in May. Which raises the question: are there any countries we don’t owe money to at this point?

It’s rumored that Jennifer Lopez will make one million dollars for performing at a wedding this week. Or, as Marc Anthony calls it: half a million dollars.

The Discovery Channel has a new reality show about medical marijuana. Yeah, it’s not really the best idea though, cause after about five minutes of watching it you just wanna switch over to the Food Network.

An Amish man in New York was arrested for leading police on a high-speed horse-and-buggy chase. He’s known as “Old Jedidiah,” but his close friends call him “OJ.”

The desk segments were Hashtags and Do Not Read List. Hashtags was decent enough:

Ryan Gosling was the first couch guest. He’s in the new movie Crazy Sexy Love. The interview was great. Ryan told a hilarious story in the first-half that just kept going and going. The second-half was all about the new movie, but even that was entertaining. Here’s the interview.

Andy Cohen was the second couch guest. He is an executive vice president at the Bravo network and the host of the show Watch What Happens Live. The interview was fine. Andy is a nice guy, and Fallon really likes him, but he just didn’t do anything for me.

Joseph Arthur was the musical guest. He was really good. I enjoyed the song. Having the Roots playing behind him makes everything better as well.

Good show. I give it:

– Woody

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