Hands Of Cement

I’m interrupting Woody’s late-night show review blog post to let you know that I received Hands Of Cement: A Crowbar Benson Collection yesterday. Some of you may recall that Crowbar was a guest on WAH once.

The book is 128 pages long and contains close to 400 CB comics. It looks really snazzy too. If I didn’t know better I’d say there was no way Canada could produce something so nice. Here’s a shot of the cover:

And here are some shots of the inside:

But I got lots of extras with my order too. For example, I received a nice note from Sandy regarding his desire to get me drunk and take advantage of me the next time we’re in the same country:

I also received an original piece of artwork and an advertisement for the webcomic I already read:

Finally, for some reason he also included 60 United States dollars, a chip clip, two C batteries and a travel tissue pack. I’m not really sure why, but, hey, you know, whatever:

So, since most of us have an extra day off this weekend, perhaps you should use some of it to head over to crowbarbenson.com and order yourself a copy of Hands of Cement. You’ll be really excited when that batteries arrive, trust me.

What? You still want your late-night clip fix? Ok. How about this hilarious clip from last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

– Ben

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