Late Late Show Highlights

The pre-opening credit segment of last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson stared everyone’s favorite rabbit. Or, at least he’s my favorite:


Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

Bob Geldof is here. He’s a singer, political activists and a Sir. Sir Bob Geldof. He was granted honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth. I don’t know what that ceremony is like, and I’m unlikely to find out I would think. I think what happens is the Queen touches you with that big royal thing she carries around. What’s that big royal thing she carries around, what’s that called? Prince Charles. [Pauses] That was my knighthood leaving.

There are just a few musicians that have been given the title of Sir. Sir Bob Geldof. The greatest, of course, is Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Back in 1984 Band-Aid was the start of a big charity movement in the 80’s. Band-Aid led to Live-Aid, of course. Live-Aid spawned the charity concerts here in America. You’ve got Farm-Aid. And who can forget that big concert with the country stars, Hands Across Dolly Parton.

The desk segment was checking the tweets and emails. It was entertaining from beginning to end:


Sir Bob Geldof was the only couch guest. He is, among other things, a musician. I thought the interview was really good. There were a lot of things I liked about their conversation, but I don’t want to influence any potential enjoyment you may get out of watching it:


Far East Movement was the musical guest. They were ok.

The closing segment was pretty funny:


Good show. I give it:

– Woody

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