Conan Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Conan:

Warren Brothers issued a statement saying that they are officially firing Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men. Well I say that’s fine, but they better have a pretty good reason.

Charlie Sheen announced, as part of a humanitarian effort, he’s taking a trip to Haiti. Sheen’s exact quote was, “I want to show them what a real disaster looks like.”

A Northwestern University professor apologized for letting a couple demonstrate the use of a sex toy after one of his classes. In particular because the class he teaches is Introduction to Medieval German Literature.

A flight attendant was fired from Virgin Airlines for placing a baby in the plane’s overhead compartment. Now, in the flight attendant’s defense, the baby did not fit under the seat.

The desk segments were Conan’s Fan Mistake Challenge and Live Action Angry Birds. Both were pretty decent:

Seth Green was the first couch guest. He’s an actor and is in the new film Mars Needs Moms. I’m a big Seth fan. I think he’s a really cool dude who would be a ton of fun to just hang out with every once in awhile. The interview was entertaining. Seth made some good funnies and told interesting stories despite the fact that half of them centered around his new film. He and Conan are old friends, so their interaction was relaxed and flowed nicely. Here’s the interview:

Jayma Mays was the second couch guest. She is on the television show Glee. The interview was terrific. Jayma was very funny and a great sport through the whole segment. Even if you’re not a Glee fan I think the interview is totally worth watching:

Travis Barker was the musical guest. He played with The Transplants and Mixmaster Mike. It was a great performance:

This was solid show. I give it:

– Woody

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