Late Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Show with David Letterman:

Lemme ask you a question. Tell the truth. How many of you are just here tonight for the commercials?

Folks see the Super Bowl yesterday? I was backstage. You know what? The pregame show is still running.

Were you surprised this year that Betty White was not in one of the Super Bowl commercials? I looked into this. Turns out she was banned by the NFL for dog fighting.

This guy, Hosni Mubarak, it turns out he’s worth 70 billion dollars. Yup. And you know how he made the money? By switching to Geico.

The desk segment was Biff Henderson at Super Bowl XLV. It had some funny moments:


Aaron Rodgers was the first couch guest. He is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and MVP of Super Bowl XLV. The interview was pretty good. Aaron was generous with appreciation for his teammates and fans. My favorite part of the interview came at the end when Aaron threw a perfect pass from his seat to Letterman in the audience. Letterman then tossed the football to a guy sitting near him. That was sweet. Here are some of the interview highlights:


Martin Lawrence was the second couch guest. He’s in the upcoming film Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son. The interview was decent. Martin was mellow and his stories were reasonably clean. I’m not a big fan of Martin, so the fact that the interview was short worked out well for me.

Steel Magnolia was the musical guest. They were good performance.

Fine show. I give it:

– Woody

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