Late Late Show Highlights

It’s time once again for the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

The pre-opening credit segment was funny. Craig interrogates Josh, a college student who isn’t what he advertises to be. The clip also includes the entire monologue, so you only need to watch the first 3 minutes:


Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

Piers Morgan’s show premiered on the CNN earlier tonight. The first guest on Piers Morgan’s show was Oprah Winfrey. And I thought that lady came across as warm and inviting…and Oprah did ok too.

I like Starbucks, but I prefer making my coffee at home. I do it right. I get up every morning and grind my own beans. Then I go downstairs and make a cup of coffee.

Doctors say that coffee can reduce wrinkles. At least that’s what I tell people when they catch me dripping my nuts in the coffee pot.

Coffee use to be a manly drink of course. Not anymore. The word “frappuccino” sounds like a gay sex act with Al Pacino.

The desk segment was checking the tweets and emails. It had some funny moments. If you have time it’s probably worth watching:


Rashida Jones was the first couch guest. She is on the show Parks and Recreation. The interview was very entertaining. Rashida has been on the show before, so she’s use to Craig’s attitude and discussion topics. Craig didn’t pull any punches with this alum, and she kept right up with him and was able to provide some funny moments:


Tony Goldwyn was the second couch guest. He is in the new movie The Mechanic. The interview was good. Tony was cool and got along with Craig pretty well.

Fine show. I give it:

– Woody

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