Tonight Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

According to a new report from the folks at All State Insurance the worst drivers in the country are in Washington, D.C. Well, yeah, if you’re Republicans you can only turn right, Democrats can only turn left and Obama’s weaving all over the place.

They’re now calling President Obama’s tax cut decision the biggest giveaway to millionaires since the Jets gave 45 points to the Patriots.

Auto safety regulators now proposing requiring backup cameras on all vehicles by the year 2014.  This is a good idea. This way drivers will be able to see what they just hit on the road while they were texting.

According to a new study by Michigan State University scientists marriage reduces bad behavior in men. I was talking about this the other night when I had dinner with Tiger Woody and Bret Favre.

The desk segment was Jay’s Most Interesting People of the Year. Only one piece of it was truly interesting:

Jeff Bridges was the first couch guest. He has two movies coming out, Tron: Legacy and True Grit. I’m a fan of Jeff and thought the interview was pretty entertaining. There was a nice balance of stories involving his private life and his film career. Here’s the first part of the interview:

Rico Rodriguez was the second couch guest. He’s on the show Modern Family. As far as child interviews go this one was pretty good. It also had a nice mix of personal stories and entertainment. Here’s the second part of the interview:

Shelby Lynne was the musical guest. She put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Good show. I give it:

– Woody

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