Late Late Show Highlights

I have to talk about this today because it is so frickin funny.

Back on November 16th the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson did a Dr. Who episode. Craig is a big fan of Dr. Who, so he was really excited about this particular show. Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, was a guest, and he had a “real” Dalek.

In preparation for this episode Craig put together a special dance number for the pre-opening credit segment. It was never aired. It has just now been “leaked” online. Here it is. It is absolutely fantastic:


Why did this awesomeness never make it onto our television screens? Watch the aired pre-opening credit segment (the first 3 minutes of the following video) for the explanation. It is hilarious when Craig really is ticked off:


The closing segment was more ranting, but darn if it still continued to be funny:


Great stuff.

And now, to end this post, more puppets (from November 19th)!:


– Woody

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