Late Late Show Highlights

It’s time once again for the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

The pre-opening credit segment with great. I too remember fearing his special guest when I was young and watched Dr. Who on a small television late at night. Good times:


Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

There are rumors that Bill Clinton is making a cameo appearance in the movie Hangover 2. It’s true. It’s set in Bangkok. I don’t think Clinton was to be in the movie. I think what really happened was they were filming in Bangkok in a strip club and Bill Clinton walked in and was like, “Oh yeah, uhhhh, I’m here for my cameo.”

It’s a great day for our President, President Obama. A few hours from now his new book hits the stores. He wrote a children’s book. It’s called of Thee I Sing. He actually wrote the book a couple of years ago. And you can tell because it’s his list of 13 great Americans, but it includes Bernie Madoff, Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen.

I don’t think the book publishers were that smart, though. They had this book a couple of years ago and they’re thinking, “Obama’s so popular if we wait two years into his presidency to publish it he’ll be even more popular.”

All the royalties from Obama’s book will go to an organization that really needs the money: the Obama re-election campaign.

The desk segment was checking the tweets and emails. I think it reached a new level of goofiness, which means you should probably watch it:


Dennis Miller was the first couch guest. Among other things he is a stand-up comedian. I’m a mediocre fan of Dennis. Sometimes I find him really funny and sometimes I find him really unfunny. The interview didn’t do anything to change my current feelings. He had good moments and he had some not so-good moments. But, hey, don’t take my word for it, watch it and see what you think:


Bianca Kajlich was the second couch guest. She is on the show Rules Of Engagement. This was my first experience with Bianca. I enjoyed it, but I’m honestly not sure I need another one. The interview was ok. It may be worth watching for some of the double-entendres:


Fine show. I give it:

– Woody

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