Late Night Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

A school district in Ohio may soon replace snow days with online classes. The superintendent said, “Look, I understand students want to enjoy their snow days, but you have to look at it from our perspective: we hate kids.”

Air New Zealand will soon offer seats for couples that can be converted into beds. And you thought it was annoying when the couple next to you talked during the entire trip.

A man in North Dakota was arrested for taking a gun and shooting a urinal in a bathroom at a bar. Even more impressive it was the best aim anyone’s had ever in a urinal inside a bar.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has cancelled a train tunnel between New York and New Jersey. As a result New Yorkers will have to get to Jersey the same way as always: by accident.

The desk segments included Models & Buckets. It’s long, but worth watching:

Alan Cumming was the first couch guest. He’s currently on the show The Good Wife. The interview was fine, but way too short. Alan has had an interesting career so far and I would have enjoyed hearing more about it. He was there long enough, however, to do a little magic:

Donnie Wahlberg was the second couch guest. He’s on the show Blue Blood. His interview was too short as well.

Rich Little was the third couch guest. He is the man of 1000 voices, and he did a good number of them during his interview:

School of Seven Bells was the musical guest. They were great.

Really good show. I give it:

– Woody

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