Late Late Show Highlights

I spent an hour watching and writing up my review for, what I thought was, last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Near the end of the episode, however, I discovered the show was from the 30th of September. Grrrr. Apparently he has been off since then.

So, instead, let’s check out last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

The pre-opening credit segment was terrific. This clip also includes the entire monologue and the desk segment. Usually the person who is kind enough to provide the Late Late Show on YouTube splits these segments up. I’m not sure why they are all together this time. The monologue is decent and the desk segment was over almost before it started. So if you want to stop after the pre-opening I wouldn’t blame you. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the next 15 minutes:


Debra Winger was the first couch guest. She is guest-starring on the show In Treatment. The interview was pretty entertaining. The chemistry was…interesting. It’s a long interview, but you might enjoy watching it:


Adhir Kalyan was the second couch guest. He’s on the show Rules of Engagement. The interview was ok. Craig was pretty funny. Adhir tried to keep up. He wasn’t able to very often.

Julie Gribble was the musical guest. She was great.

Good show. I give it:

– Woody

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