Late Late Show Highlights

As usual Craig had a really funny and slightly outrageous Late Late Show last night.

The pre-opening credit segment was hilarious:


Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

Very sad news today for Conan O’Brien. His drummer, Max Weinberg, will not be returning for Conan’s TBS show. And it gets worse because Jay Leno has started drumming lessons.

It’s a great day on Sesame Street. The iconic children’s show starts its 41st season today. My favorite character is, of course, Oscar the Grouch. I relate to Oscar cause he lives in a trash can and I spent the 1980’s in a dumpster. Whenever I see Oscar I worry that the garbage man will accidentally empty him into the garbage truck and crush him to death. I have the same worry about Randy Quaid.

This show is a little bit like Sesame Street. We both appeal to seven-year olds, we both have puppets. Sesame Street, though, brought to you by different letters of the alphabet. This show brought to you by the Shamwow and boner pills.

I don’t think Bert and Ernie are gay. I think that’s ridiculous. Cause you would never catch a gay guy wearing the same outfit day after day.

There have been lots of famous guests on Sesame Street. Last year they had Michelle Obama. It must have been weird for her, being surrounded by all those brainless puppets. So she left Washington and she went on Sesame Street.

The desk segment was checking the tweets and emails. It was ok, but I don’t think it’s worth spending your precious time on.

Sela Ward was the first couch guest. She is on CSI: NY. The interview was pretty good. Craig mega-flirted with Sela, but she kept him in check really well.

Guillermo Del Toro was the second couch guest. He is a director and author. The interview was geek-alicious and really quite funny:


Good show. I give it:

– Woody

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