You’re All East To Me

Yesterday around noon I spent an hour in Chicago. A few hours later I spent an hour and a half in Los Angles. Now, I’m in Hawaii. Hopefully that will last at least a few hours, if not more. I honestly don’t need another plane ride right now.

It takes a ridiculously long time to fly back and forth between North Carolina and Hawaii. I burned just about all of my vacation days to do it. Needless to say, I’ll be spending quite a bit of time here working. Some people believe that working in Hawaii is better than not working most other places. I’ll let you know if that’s true in a few days.

Paul, meanwhile, is spending fun filled days with his family in Las Vegas. I believe he has already lost his life savings. Sometimes that happens.

There may be one or two of you who came here today hoping to read one of Woody’s late-night reviews. Well, I’m sorry to report that there won’t be any of those this week. However, because I’m only a 95% jerk, and not a 100% jerk, here is a hilarious clip from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson from last Friday to tie you over:


– Ben

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