Late Late Show Highlights

Craig is back from vacation. Here is a review of last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Apparently there is a rumor on the internet that Craig might be replaced. Craig addressed it in Ferguson fashion during his pre-opening credit bit:


It’s worth watching the whole monologue. Craig tells a few good jokes at the beginning and then shares a story from his vacation in Vermont that gets referred to throughout the rest of the show:


The desk segment was tweets and emails. It was pretty funny, especially his response to the person who wrote in from Germany:


Julie Chen was the first couch guest. She co-anchors The Early Show and hosts Big Brother. It was a good interview. I think Craig took it a little easy on her because her husband is the head of CBS Television. Still, there were some good laughs in it and Julie did a nice job.

Michael Ian Black was the second couch guest. He is a comedian and actor. I think Michael is pretty funny and enjoyed his interview:


Dierks Bentley was the musical guest. He and his crew were very good.

The closing segment was pretty funny:


Great show. I give it:

– Woody

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