Late Late Show Highlights

I enjoyed Monday night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson so much that I wanted to watch and review another one.

The  pre-opening credit segment was really good:


Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

Here in L.A. hundreds of people are already camping out for the [Twilight] premiere. They’re In front of the theaters; you’ll see a huge line of teenage girls. It’s what Roman Polanski counts to fall asleep every night.

Starting today there’s a huge rock festival in England. It’s called Glastonbury. It’s the biggest outdoor music festival in the world. It’s five days of peace, love and ten dollar beers. They do it every year. It’s like Woodstock but with less nudity. It’s Woodstock without wood.

Every country has them now. England has Glastonbury. Here in America we’ve got Lollapalooza. In North Korea they’ve got the Kim Jong Il-ith Fair. And Afghanistan has Al Qaedapalooza. Ladies and gentleman, give it up for Kenny Jihad.

The desk segment was checking of the tweets and emails. It was ok, but I think we can skip it this time.

Julia Ormond was the first couch guest. She’s in the HBO movie Temple Grandin. Julia was fine and there were some funny interaction between her and Craig. Overall, however, the interview was just ok.

Jose Andres was the second couch guest. He’s a Spanish chef, restaurant owner, author and tv personality. I love cooking segments, and this one was pretty good:


The closing segment brought the show full circle and wrapped everything up nicely:


Good show. I give it:

– Woody

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