Late Show Highlights

Normally I would post my favorite monologue jokes, but there honestly weren’t any that stood out. Instead, I think the second half of his monologue as a whole was pretty entertaining, so here it is:


The desk segments included the Top Ten Things Overheard During President Obama’s Meeting with Tony Hayward. If you watch one clip from this post, this is the one. The list was awesome:


John Goodman was the first couch guest. He stars on the HBO show Treme. I haven’t seen John in anything for a while, but I’ve always thought he was a great actor. I’ve always enjoyed him on film and television. The interview was great. Here’s a clip:


Emeril Lagase was the second couch guest. He cooked a seafood pasta dish while David asked him about how the fishing industry has been affected by the oil spill. The segment was really informative and entertaining. I wish I had a clip of the segment to show you.

Deer Tick was the musical guest. They made their television debut and did a nice job.

Good show. I give it:

– Woody

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