Late Night Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

Did you guys catch the big Lost finale last night? Don’t worry, I won’t tell you what happened…cause I have no idea.

It’s pretty hard for the fans of Lost now that’s it finally over. If people want to get their fix they’ll have to follow that other group that’s lost and confused in the middle of the ocean: BP.

According to a new report Facebook and MySpace have been releasing user information to advertisers. And now Facebook users are being targeted with ads for new smart phones. MySpace users are getting ads for this new thing called Facebook.

Researchers have discovered the male fat is different from female fat. Well sure, male fat can be canceled out by wealth.

The two desk segments were interpreting Obama’s facial expressions and interpreting the angry ramblings of a pig farmer. Neither segment was particular funny.

Sir Ben Kingsley was the first couch guest. He is in the new film Prince of Persia. I was surprised by how funny Ben could be during the interview. He made it very entertaining:

Rosemarie Dewitt was the second couch guest. She appears on United States of Tara. Like Ben she was also a lot of fun during her interview. I wish it had been longer:

Kumail Nanjiani was the stand-up guest. He did pretty well:

Good show. I give it:


– Woody

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