Late Late Show Highlights

Congratulations to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson for winning a Peabody Award!

Wavy Rancheros did a hilarious job in the pre-opening credit bit with the Peabody announcement:


There were essentially only two monologue jokes, so here they both are:

It is Al Gore’s birthday today. Today Al ate a giant cake and a gallon of ice cream, then he remembered his birthday.

In Geneva scientists are celebrating cause they’ve got a big multi-million dollar atom smasher there, and it’s given us new information about how the universe began. And I’m thinking you could have saved the money and just asked Larry King.

The desk segment, as usual, was email and tweets. While always entertaining, this segment really varies in terms of humor. Sometimes it’s really funny, sometimes it’s just so-so. Tonight was the latter, so we’re going to skip the clip.

Wanda Sykes was the first, and due to them spending so much time talking, only couch guest. I like Wanda and find her really sharp and funny. The first part of the interview was pretty funny and is worth watching:


The second part had moments, but overall kinda dragged. This is a bummer because I think the time could have been spent better talking with his planned second guest. Oh well.

Good show. I give it:


– Woody

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