Late Late Show Highlights

Last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was, for me, a tale of two shows. The first show was Craig being absolutely hilarious. The second show was Helena Bonham Carter dealing with jet lag. Here we go:

His pre-opening credit bit was great:


Normally, at this point, I would type up my favorite jokes and spare you the rest of the monologue. Craig’s monologue was so excellent, however, that it’s really worth watching the whole thing:


The desk segments were Craig chatting aimlessly and answering emails and tweets. The chatting was entertaining, but in the interest of time I’m going to go with the funnier of the two.


Helena Bonham Carter was the first, and turns out only, couch guest. She is in the new Alice in Wonderland film.  Overall the interview was good, as Craig’s humor played well off of Helena’s jet-lagged weirdness. Here’s the first half of the interview, which was really fun to watch:


The rest of the segment was fine, but I felt it dragged on unnecessarily. I’m sure that Craig was having a good time with Helena, but I would have liked it more if he had made room for his second scheduled guest Ben McKenzie. For me it’s a respect thing. If you ask someone to be on your show, and they make the effort to show up, and there are no technical or news-worthy interruptions, then you should have the guest on the show. If you renege, then you’re being a jerk.

His standard closing segment, What Did We Learn on the Show Today Craig, lasted thirty seconds and wasn’t funny.

Very good show. I give it:


– Woody

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