Jimmy Kimmel Live Highlights

You know who I haven’t checked in on for a while? That would be a certain Mr. Kimmel. Let’s see what’s going on in his neck of the woods. Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Most of the Eastern-half of the United States is covered in a blanket of white right now. Meteorologists are calling it the worst Blast History Month ever.

This is the second major blizzard to hit this week. It’s starting to feel like the snow will never stop. They’re already calling it the Toyota of storms.

Emily Blunt was the first couch guest. She’s in the new movie The Wolfman. Emily and Jimmy are neighbors, so their time together was more like two old friends catching up rather than standard interview. Emily is fun, and she’s got that British accent (that I’m a sucker for) going on. Overall it was good conversation.

J.B. Smoove was the second couch guest. He’s currently on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm. I had never seen J.B. before, but I’m glad I did cause he’s darn funny. The interview was great and worth watching, especially the second half:

Editors were the musical guest. They gave a good performance.

A fine show. I give it:


– Woody

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