Tonight Show Highlights

I’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to the final two episodes of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien that aired last Thursday and Friday. That’s right; you’re getting a twofer.

Here were my favorite jokes and bits from Thursday night’s show:

Tomorrow is our last show here. So I’d like to apologize to the guests that were scheduled for next week: President Barack Obama, the Pope, the Queen of England and our good friend Elvis Presley was stopping by.

The desk segments included the most expensive sketch ever and a visit from Ben Stiller. They were pretty good:

Robin Williams was the couch guest. I remember when Robin did the last episode of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He was hilarious then, and he’s still hilarious eighteen years later. The interview was fantastic and totally worth watching:

Barry Manilow was the musical guest. The performance was good. He then spent some time as the second couch guest:

A great show. I give it:


Here were my favorite jokes and bits from Friday night’s show:

We’ve had a lot of fun being here these last seven months. But like everything in life, the fun has to come to an end…a decade too early.

As I set off for exciting new career opportunities I just want to make one thing clear to everybody listening at there right now: I will do nudity.

The desk segment was a fun exit interview given by none other than Steve Carell:

Tom Hanks was the first couch guest. It’s always so much fun to see Tom when he’s a late night guest. I don’t know what it is, he’s just really really good. Tom and Conan had great chemistry and the interview was a ton of fun.

Neil Young was the musical guest. He gave a really great performance.

The Tonight Show ended with a wonderful thank you speech by Conan and Free Bird by Will Ferrell with many guests. It was crazy good farewell.

An excellent final show. I give it:


Bye Conan. Hopefully we’ll see you again in September.

– Woody

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