Late Late Show Highlights

Even though I reviewed his 1000th episode last week, I’m in the mood to review another Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I’m not sure why. I just am. Here goes:

His pre-opening credit rant was decent and is worth watching:

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Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

A lot of celebrities spend their Christmas Eve volunteering at soup kitchens there for the down and out. Last year Andy Dick was there. I don’t remember who gave him his soup, but he was definitely there.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas of course, but for some reason the people of L.A. are nicer this time of year. When you’re stuck in traffic this time of year they give you a little smile while you’re getting the finger.

We’re in the Christmas spirit here at CBS. Tonight Charlie Sheen is going to nail Holly on top of the fireplace. And Susan. And Brenda. Finally… me.

At my house Christmas is at fever pitch. My son is eight and a half, so there’s lots of jumping up and down, looking for presents, crawling up the chimney, and my son is pretty excited too.

I remember I used to leave refreshments for Santa. You know, cookies and whiskey. Then the next morning I noticed my dad’s breath smelled like cookies and whiskey. Then I realized the awful truth: my dad had been making out with Santa.

The first desk segment was viewer email. It was ok, but in the interest of time I think it can be skipped.

The second desk segment was a conversation with Tim Meadows “reporting live” from the Mall of America. It was good and there was a surprised guest at the end:


Paris Hilton was the first couch guest. I had hoped that Craig would make fun of Paris, but instead of fawned all over her. The interview was ok, but, honestly, Craig took it way too easy on her. I’m not a fan of Paris, either, so overall it wasn’t that good.

José Andrés was the second couch guest. José is a chef, so he and Craig spent the entire time making food stuff. I have to admit, I really enjoy it when chefs come on late night shows. It just seems like there are an unlimited number of possibilities for good comedy. In addition, José and Craig have good chemistry, so the segment was a lot of fun to watch.


The show ended with more José making one more food thingys. If you enjoyed the last clip, you’ll enjoy this one as well.


Good show, despite the Paris interview. I give it:


Merry Christmas everyone!

– Woody

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