Late Late Show Highlights

Typically I review a late night talk show from the previous evening. I would be criminally remiss, however, if I ignored Tuesday night’s 1000th episode of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It was different, and it was hilarious. There are a lot of videos, so sit down, get comfortable and enjoy.

The show was guest-hosted by a Southern speaking “crock-agator” named Wavy Rancheros. Apparently Craig decided to skip his own show’s milestone.

Wavy did a musical number to open the show:


Wavy’s monologue was pretty short:


Jason Schwartzman was the first couch guest. He and Wavy got along fairly well I thought:



Maria Bello was the second couch guest. It was a short, but funny, interview. Wavy is a decent flirt:


Jason Segel and The Broken West performed Dracula’s Lament, a musical number from the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. For some reason the clip isn’t working, so you’ll have to go here to see it.

Kristen Bell was the third couch guest. Wavy did the flirting thing again with the same amount of success:


Wavy ended the show with another musical number. Unfortunately I can’t provide the clip here. You’ll need to go here to watch it. It’s worth it, though, as the second half contains behind the scenes making of the episode which are pretty cool.

A great and clever way to present a 1000th show. I give it:


– Woody

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