Late Night Highlights

Happy Thanksgiving!

Apparently some of the late night hosts didn’t take this week off as I had surmised in my post on Tuesday. So I get to review last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

There’s a strip club in San Francisco that’s running its own Toys for Tots program, where you can donate a toy in exchange for a free lap dance. Yeah, there’s a big banner out front advertising the program, although, I’m pretty sure there’s no “i” in “tots.”

A new survey of New York City cab drivers found that their number one complaint was access to bathrooms. Yeah, many cabbies are forced to urinate into bottles they keep under their seats. And New York City passenger’s number one complaint is knowing that.

The first desk segment was Post-Apocalyptic Andy Rooney. I thought Fallon did a really nice job in this one:

The second desk segment was Lick It For Ten: Thanksgiving Edition. It had enough funny moments that I think it’s worth watching:

Seth Green was the first couch guest. He’s in the new film Old Dogs. I’ve been a Seth Green fan forever. I think he’s a really funny and talented guy. Seth, if you’re out there reading my review, come down to Raleigh, call me and we’ll go out for cupcakes. Seriously, they’re delicious cupcakes. Seth and Jimmy have hilarious nerd-chemistry that make the interview really enjoyable. Here’s an excerpt:

Padma Lakshmi was the second couch guest. Padma is the host of the reality show Top Chef. She is in her second trimester with her first child and looks fantastic. She has a ton of charisma and made the interview a ton of fun to watch. I officially rescind my invitation to Seth and now extend it to Padma. Sorry Seth, I’m sure you understand. Here’s an excerpt:

Mos Def and Talib Kweli were the musical guests. They gave a really nice performance.

This was a great show. I give it:


– Woody

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