Tonight Show Highlights

From Universal Studios in Hollywood, it’s The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

The other day Sarah Palin said she’d like to have coffee with Hillary Clinton. Now Hillary is saying she looks forward to it. The two have agreed to meet at the Never Will Be President Café.

It’s been reported that Angelina Jolie is going to be adopting another child, this one from Syria. Angelina said she didn’t necessarily want another child, but with twelve punches on your card you get one free.

This week Britney Spears launched her own iPhone application. Yeah, Britney’s app is a GPS system that helps you find the 7-Eleven where you left your children.

Did you hear this? Doctors are working on a new technique that would allow women to naturally grow their breasts larger without using implants. And by “doctors” I mean “heroes!”

And then there was this:

The desk segment was Going Green PSAs. It was really funny:

Kristen Stewart was the first couch guest. Kristen is one of the stars of the Twilight series of films. Legally I’m too old to be into the Twilight phenomena, so I know nothing about Kristen. After watching her interview I still basically know nothing. She appeared to be very nervous and gave only quick one-sentence answers to Conan’s questions. In fact, I’d argue that Conan, in his attempts to get her to relax and open up more, probably did as much, if not more, talking then she did. Overall the interview was ok, with the last third being the most enjoyable. So here is that third:

Judd Apatow was the second couch guest. Judd is a television and film writer/director/producer. He has been responsible for some great and funny stuff over the past 18 years. I’m a big Apatow fan and thought the interview was hilarious.

Carrie Underwood was the musical guest. She sang beautifully.

Good show. I give it:


– Woody

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