Late Night Highlights

Congratulations to Jimmy for passing the 100 show mark as the host of Late Night. It’s been almost an entire month since I’ve reviewed an episode so let’s get to it. Here were my favorite jokes from the monologue:

Here in New York the Health Department has started putting up these anti-soda posters. Have you seen these? They’re showing pure liquid fat being poured into a glass. People are really affected by the ads. They’re going into stores and saying, “Hey do you have that new all-fat soda? That thing looks great!”

Whitney Houston is getting a lot of criticism for a shaky comeback performance in Central Park yesterday morning. I thought she sounded pretty good. But, you know, when she hit the high notes there was a little crack in her voice.

Spencer Pratt announced that he is legally changing his name to King Spencer Pratt. He says there should be a king in America. Too bad he didn’t go with his first choice: the Douche of Windsor.

The desk segment was a football-themed Lick It for Ten. They put a lot of effort into making this entertaining, and I think it paid off:

Jeff Musial was the first couch guest. After watching his interview I know two things about Jeff. First, he has a working knowledge of exotic animals. Second, his energy level is hilarious. The interview is worth watching, if not for the animals then for the interaction between Jeff and Jimmy:

John Leguizamo was the second couch guest. I’m a big fan of Leguizamo. I think he’s hilarious and a terrific actor. He’s in two movies this fall, Gamer and The Ministers. The interview was great and it’s a crime that there isn’t a clip of it on Hulu. So tell you what, click on this link, select the episode to start it and then fast forward to the interview. It’s worth it.

Dr. Oz was the third couch guest. Dr. Oz is a heat surgeon and Oprah Winfrey’s health expert. He has a new show that is across the hall from Fallon’s show. They took a tour of the impressive studio:

Smokey Robinson was the musical guest. He’s a legend.

A packed show with something for everyone. I give it:


– Woody

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