Late Show Highlights

I watched last night’s Late Show with David Letterman specifically because I wanted to see the musical guest. But first, here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night:

The Obama’s are taking a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. And when something like that happens it’s like a big deal for the community. And people on Martha’s Vineyard are going crazy. They’re buying Obama t-shirts, they’re buying Obama mugs, they’re buying Obama caps. I’m telling you the only thing they’re not buying is Obama’s health care plan.

On Martha’s Vineyard they’re serving a new drink inspired by President Obama, it’s the “Obama-rita”. After three Obama-ritas a nine trillion dollar deficit doesn’t look so bad.

This is not the first time a President has inspired a cocktail. We have the Obama-rita. And remember George W. Bush? He inspired the “moj-idiot”.

The desk segment was very entertaining. Letterman began with a diatribe about Obama having dinner this coming weekend with Oprah. “It basically comes down to, ‘what about me?’” I wish I had a clip to share with you. It was very funny. He then showed a clip from his cameo in Inglourious Basterds. Finally, he listed the Top Ten Questions Received by Palm Beach County Authorities about the “Muck Monster.”

Anne Heche was the first couch guest. I’ve always been pretty neutral on Anne. I suspect that she might be a little nuts, but I’m sure that is just a misconception on my part. Letterman and Anne discussed her two children, why she’s a tad bitter about her previous marriage and then finished with her role on the HBO show Hung. I actually enjoyed the interview more than I thought I would. Anne has some issues, but she’s not afraid to discuss them, show her frustration and still retain a sense of humor.

Jim Parsons was the second couch guest. I’m a huge fan of Jim. I think he is fabulous on the hilarious show The Big Bang Theory. I’m so happy that he’s an Emmy nominee. The thought the interview was good, I just wish it had been longer.

Care Bears On Fire was the musical guest. This is a pop punk band consisting one ninth-grade and two eighth-grade girls. Seriously. How awesome is that? Here’s the video. Watch it quick before CBS takes it down:


Good show. My rating:


– Woody

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