Tonight Show Highlights

Conan is back after a week off for vacation. Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits from last night’s Tonight Show:

I’m going to start the show with good news tonight. Meteorologists are now saying Hurricane Bill has been downgraded to a tropical depression. They say Bill officially hit the depression stage after a surprise run-in with Hurricane Hillary.

In honor of Obama’s trip to Martha’s Vineyard a local Mexican restaurant is serving a dish called the Barak-o Taco. Yeah, the owner of the restaurant promises it’ll make you feel like a Ba-rocket has been fired out of your O-bottom

KFC, they used to be Kentucky Fried Chicken now they’re KFC, they recently introduced a new sandwich with bacon and cheese, and instead of bread, two pieces of fried chicken. Yeah, they’re calling it The Last Supper.

A man was recently arrested after he exposed his penis during a flight on Southwest Air. Passengers said it was the first time anyone who’s flown Southwest has seen free nuts.

And then there was this:

The desk segment was another look into the future, specifically the year 3000. It was pretty good:

Bill Maher was the first couch guest. I enjoy Bill as a late night guest, especially when he gets on his soapbox. It’s not because I necessarily agree with what he says, but because he expresses his views calmly, intelligently, unapologetically and with some dark humor. Here is the interview:

Nick Cannon was the second couch guest. He is the host of one of my favorite summer shows: America’s Got Talent. Just between you and me though, I think Nick is the weakest part of the show. But that is neither here nor there. Did you know he’s married to Mariah Carey? Yeah, really. Overall the interview was fine. Nick has a lot of energy and is pretty personable.

Kings of Leon was the musical guest. They rocked!

Good show, I give it:


For those of you still getting used to the new rating system, that’s four Woodys.

– Woody

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