Tonight Show Highlights

I was kinda unsatisfied with Monday night’s Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, so I thought I’d give it another chance with Wednesday night’s episode. Did it redeem itself? Let’s find out. Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits:

Bill Clinton, our former President, is now a hero. He got the journalists released from North Korea. The two female journalists held captive in North Korea are saying they were shocked to walk into a room and see Bill Clinton there. Then they said they were more shocked to see him wearing nothing but a towel.

In Japan, the Tokyo Disneyland reported a seventy-eight percent drop in profits. Yeah folks, things are so bad that Disney has trimmed the Nemo ride into a sushi bar.

A controversial new doll has been released, a doll that teaches children about breastfeeding. And the most controversial part is that the doll is designed to look like Charlie Sheen.

Paris Hilton has built a $325,000 mansion for her dogs that features a balcony and a crystal chandelier. Apparently the house is so nice the dogs won’t let Paris on the furniture.

And then there was this. Don’t worry, it’s PG-13:

The desk segment was great. Just watch it:

Sienna Miller was the first couch guest. It was an entertaining interview. Sienna has been on the show many times, and she and Conan have great chemistry. She was very funny and personable. Plus, I’m a sucker for English accents. She plays a bad girl in the new G.I. Joe movie. After watching her last night I almost, almost, want to see the film. Here’s the first part of the interview:

Steve Schirripa was the second couch guest. He is an actor and comedian best known for his role in The Sopranos. He now hosts the reality show Face the Ace. Steve was pretty funny.

Deon Cole was the stand-up guest. His routine is worth watching:

So, yes, this was a much better show. I give it an A-.

– Woody

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