Tonight Show Highlights

I had planned to review last night’s Late Night with David Letterman, but he appears to be off this week. So it’s back to The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

The man who wrote many of the speeches for President George W. Bush is now working on his memoirs. True story, yup. The book will be called Me Do Bad Job.

A census of video game characters has found that the elderly are underrepresented in video games. In response, they’re coming out with a Grand Theft Auto where the main character spends the whole game trying to remember where he parked.

A group of women found out that the same guy was secretly dating all four of them, so to get back at him they put crazy glue on his penis. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell woman number five.

Feeling that the government’s Cash for Clunkers offer is boring, Conan used the desk segment to announce a new contest called Conan, Please Blow Up My Car. Submit a video detailing why your old clunker should be packed full of explosives and obliterated, and you might get your wish. The winner will have his or her car destroyed during the show and then drive away in a new Lexus. It wasn’t a very funny segment, but I’m sure blowing up a car will be pretty cool.

Ashton Kutcher was Conan’s first couch guest. I’ve always been jealous of Ashton for being married to Demi Moore. I really felt she should have chosen me, but oh well. His new movie Spread comes out next week. The interview was pretty casual. You can tell by the way Ashton acts that he is happily on top of the world. Good for him, the jerk.

Charlyne Yi was the second couch guest. She’s a comedian and actress and has a new film coming out this week called Paper Heart. She was interesting.

Gomez was the musical guest. They played a song off their new album A New Tide. They were good.

Overall I give the show a B.

– Woody

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