Tonight Show Highlights

Conan had a pretty big show last night. Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

More fallout from the bad economy. I couldn’t believe this; the bad economy is affecting the numbers of available jobs, so many new college graduates are choosing to spend a year volunteering at a non-profit organization. These non-profit organizations include Chrysler and GM. And NBC is in there too.

Cool story, the other day in Alaska a six year-old girl caught a 138 pound fish. Witnesses say they have never seen such an excited little girl or such an embarrassed weak-ass fish.

And then there was this:

The desk segment was fine, but let’s fast forward to the first couch guest: Kobe Bryant. Here’s the interview:

This interview is one of the reasons why I enjoy late night shows. Over the years I have only seen Kobe from a distance, either running up and down the court or walking into a courtroom. His appearance on Conan allowed me to observe him a little closer, and I’m pleased to see that he has grown quite a bit.

William Shatner was the second couch guest. The interview is seven minutes long, but if you only have one minute before you have to do somewhere else, fast forward to the last minute:

Incubus was the musical guest. They’ve grown up a lot too, but they’re still rockin’.

I give the show a B+.

This is my last late show review until Tuesday, July 7th. You all watch those late shows and talk amongst yourselves. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

– Woody

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