Late Night Highlights

Leno, Conan, Letterman, who am I forgetting? Oh yeah, it’s time to check in on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And man did I pick a good night to watch. Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

Edward Whitacre, the former chairman for AT&T, was appointed the new chairman of General Motors. I’m not sure about his business plan; he’s giving away free cars on nights and weekends. In an interview the new chairman actually said “I don’t know anything about cars.” I respect that, he’s keeping up the GM tradition.

Despite the recession McDonald’s reported its sales in May climbed 5.1%. And people who ate at McDonald’s didn’t climb anything.

This desk segment is actually funnier than it sounds. Its called cell phone shootout:

John Krasinski was the first couch guest. I think I’m one of the last six people on the planet who doesn’t watch The Office, so my knowledge of John before this was pretty limited. I thought he was really personable and funny. He made the interview really enjoyable to watch. Here’s an excerpt:

Stephen Moyer was the second couch guest. He stars in the HBO show True Blood. I don’t watch that show either, so I hadn’t heard of him before. He was also very personable and his time with Fallon was fun to watch as well.

The best part of the show for me was the demo of Project Natal for the X-Box. This is what is going to get me back in shape and stay young forever. You gotta check this out:

Manchester Orchestra was the musical guest. They were really great.

Overall, I give the show a solid A.

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