Late Show Highlights

After saying goodbye to Leno and hello to Conan over the past few weeks it’s time to get back to Letterman. Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s episode:

Now here’s something weird. Do you know Britney Spears? The New York Post published nude photos of Britney Spears. Here’s the deal, take it from me, if you want to see Britney Spears naked you don’t have to buy the New York Post… just buy her a beer.

How many of you watched the NBA Finals instead of the Tony Awards last night? [Applause] And how many of you watched the Tony Awards instead of the NBA Finals? [Applause] Well, then, you might be gay.

Did you hear about this? The newest nominee for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, broke her ankle out at LaGuardia Airport. Broke it in three places. And listen to this; at least two of those breaks have to be approved by the Senate.

Bruce Willis put together a clip show of his tenure as a Late Show intern. That’s my kind of desk segment. I loved it.

Howard Stern was the only couch guest. I don’t listen to Stern, but I admire his ability to entertain and speak his mind. He’s gutsy. He and Letterman have good chemistry because they’re such complete opposites. The interview was funny. Here’s a piece of it.

Mos Def was the musical guest. He’s a unique hip hop artist, no doubt about it.

Overall, I give the show a B+.

– Woody

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