Tonight Show Highlights

It’s hard to report on some of the funniest moments in The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien monologue. Conan is a physical comedian and some of his best stuff is spontaneous reactions to his audience. I could try and describe what made me laugh out loud, but I just wouldn’t do them justice. You’ll just have to settle for these:

In Seattle, a company has started making bacon-flavored vodka. Apparently the hardest part of making bacon-flavored vodka is getting the pig drunk. I stand behind that joke.

This week in Florida the fire department had to be called when a marijuana grow-house caught on fire. No one was hurt but it took the firemen six days to put out the fire.

This summer in Los Angeles someone is doing a musical about the Octo-Mom. The musical is going to be called Spermalot.

The desk segment was an upgrade of a classic from his days on Late Night. It was hilarious:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the first couch guest. I’m a fan of Julia from her days on Seinfeld. I don’t watch her current show, but I hear it’s pretty good. She was fun and full of energy. Plus she takes a great driver’s license photo.

Bradley Cooper was the second couch guest. I kept wondering where I had seen this guy before. Then I realized he was on Alias for a few years. He was promoting his new movie The Hangover. The interview was fun to watch:

Sheryl Crow was the musical guest. She sang a classic that she had sung back in 1993 when Conan was the host of Late Night. The performance was good. She has a great voice.

Overall, a B+ show.

– Woody

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