Tonight Show Highlights

Since it is Jay’s last week at the Tonight Show I’m going to review all five of his final episodes. A late night host doesn’t leave very often, so this is a pretty significant event. It would be sadder, naturally, if he wasn’t moving down the street to the juicy 10 PM time slot, but hey, leaving after 17 years at the helm of anything is pretty big.

Tuesday’s episode didn’t have the plethora of funny monologue jokes that Monday’s episode had. Here were my favorites:

The economy is so bad that Governor Schwarzenegger had to get a second job narrating Hooked on Phonics CDs.

A new study has found that having a cat makes you 40% less likely to die of a heart attack. Not that the cat could care less either way.

In Germany, a man trying to impress his friends stuck a loaded gun in his pants pocket. It went off severing his sex organ. See, there is something worse than shooting your mouth off.

Speaking of the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was Leno’s first guest. Leno opened the interview with a segment of clips where he and other guests have impersonated Arnold over the years.

The interview was good. They could have spent the whole segment remembering Arnold’s previous 24 appearances, but they took the second half to discuss current political events as well. I thought Arnold did a nice job answering Leno’s “WTF” questions. He also had the best joke of the night, honestly. He summarized his recent USC commencement address like this: The secrets to success are: come to this country, work like hell, and marry a Kennedy.

Dwight Yoakam was the musical guest. Hey covered part of Green Day’s Time Of Your Life. How funny is that?

I give the show an A-.

Wednesday’s episode did not contain many good monologue jokes either. I guess those writers have already bailed. Here were my two favorites:

During a speech at a high school former President George W Bush said he’s really enjoying the fact that he’s no longer President. Hey, join the club!

The economy is in bad shape. Today I saw Mrs. Fields tossing her cookies.

Wanda Skyes was Jay’s first guest. She’s got a lot going on in her life. She’s a new mother of twins, the whole California Prop 8 thing and the backlash from her jokes at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. She was pretty funny, so I’d say it looks like she’s kicking butt and taking names. Here’s a hilarious excerpt on the media and Michelle Obama:

Dame Edna was the second guest. I had never heard of this person before but apparently she’s been around making people laugh for a long time. I guess I’m a little out of touch. She was absolutely hilarious. I wish I had a clip to share with you.

Sarah McLachlan was the musical guest. She is the entire package, know what I mean? Too bad she didn’t cover a Green Day song too.

I give the show another A-.

– Woody

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