Tonight Show Highlights

Anyone see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night? There were plenty of good monologue jokes to choose from. Here were my favorites:

Today was the running of the LA Marathon. If you’ve never run the LA Marathon it’s a little tricky, cause you have to keep on changing gang colors as you go through different neighborhoods.

Osama Bin Laden’s former chef is coming to New York to face charges. You know we’ve also got his driver.  Here’s the good news. I understand we are closing in on his pool boy and his aroma therapist.

In Boston police raided a drug deal that was going down in the parking lot of a Costco. They seized 543 pounds of marijuana. 543 pounds! I didn’t even know Costco sold marijuana.

A new study shows that french kissing increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. But doctors say it’s still healthier than french fries.

Leno’s first guest was Mel Gibson. Gibson was open, honest and quite funny. He gets in trouble once every few years, but he’s still pretty darn charismatic and dreamy. He took Jay’s ribbing very well on the divorce and pregnant girlfriend. Here’s an example:

Mel is an old friend of the Tonight Show. Jay put together a “best of” clip segment. It was pretty funny:

Lyle Lovett was Leno’s musical guest. I’m not a big Lovett listener, but he’s a talented musician and it was a nice performance.

Overall, a solid B+ show.

– Woody

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